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D O W N L O A D   T H E   F R E E   B R O W S E R

On this page you can download our special browser (at no cost). With this browser you can freely enter the virtual world and stay as long as you wish.
Information about minimum requirements and features is available on our helppages

choose one of the locations below to download the software (5,5 mb)
for Dutch version please click here

  1. choose "run from current location" and click OK
  2. answer "yes" to the question if you wish to install and run 3dee42.exe
  3. follow the instructions on your screen
  Get it from CNET Download.com!  
  • Europe  (english version)

  • 3DEE  (english version)


    Mac users
    This browser will currently not run on a Mac computer unless you use an emulation program such as Virtual PC

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